I Will

"I Will" is a song by Paul McCartney that was released on The Beatles 1968 double album, The Beatles.


I Will (WORD)
I Will (PDF)

Paul McCartney wrote the song while the Beatles were in India. McCartney has said about "I Will" that: "It's still one of my favourite melodies that I've written. You just occasionally get lucky with a melody and it becomes rather complete and I think this is one of them; quite a complete tune."

Thanks to Chris Hill for bringing this song to BUG! You can play along with the video in GCEA tuning - although Chris has included a short instrumental at the beginning to get you in the groove!

Remember you can simplify chords, for example, instead of [F7] just play [F]. Or you may find that playing inversions of some of the chords, that is playing the same chord but with different shapes, it might be easier. You can find different inversions for the same chord by going to this website tool: https://ukebuddy.com/ukulele-chords

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