Mike C - I sang this song at the half a couple years ago for Halloween at BUG. This is going to be very much my own interpretation and with help from Chris, I think we have the chords that work well.


Haunting (Mike & Chris's version)(WORD)
Haunting (Mike & Chris's version)(PDF)

Haunting (The Pogues)(WORD)
Haunting (The Pogues)(PDF)

Mike C - Our video below is rough, but it gets the point across. There are a lot of chords but they are not too hard to do and it is very repetitive.

NOTE:  The Pogues version is in 6/8 time, Mike & Chris do it in 4/4 time.

Here is the original version for this song. It is an amazing song with so much going on instrumentally. Given enough practice and time I am sure we could do a version that better represents, but I feel the stripped down version above will work for what we want.
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