Glad All Over

On January 18, 1964, The Dave Clark Five's first million-selling single "Glad All Over" knocked The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" out of the #1 spot on the UK chart.


Glad All Over (WORD)
Glad All Over (PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE RECORDINGS! However, the song does have a key change, up a semi-tone to D# (indicated by yellow highlighting in my songsheet) which I have not included for group play.

Part of the British Invasion, the group followed The Beatles on to The Ed Sullivan Show and ended up appearing there 11 more times - more than any other rock, pop or R&B artist. In America, The Dave Clark Five amassed 17 Top 40 hits, eight of which hit the Top 10. Of all the British Invasion bands, The Dave Clark Five (DC5) were the first to tour the U.S. in the spring of 1964. In eight years, The Dave Clark Five sold more than 100 million records and scored 15 consecutive Top 20 U.S. hit singles between forming in 1962 and disbanding in 1970.

For single, "Glad All Over", engineer Adrian Kerridge developed a thumping drum sound track, which became known as the Tottenham sound. Tottenham is an area in North London, where Dave Clark came from. Lead vocalist Mike Smith came across a song called "Glad All Over" by Carl Perkins and wrote a new song with the same title. Smith recalled, "Dave Clark said: "I knew that we needed a song with the thumps in. We had been playing dance halls and we were getting a great audience response to the stomping things we were doing." Written by Clark and Mike Smith, this was the first American hit for The Dave Clark Five, and their second chart entry in the UK. The song holds a distinctive honor on the UK chart, as it knocked The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" out of the top spot. The band was at a crossroads when this song's success cleared their path. "We started from nothing, and then we were very fortunate," said Clark."I always said to the boys, 'We'll only go professional if we get two Top 5 records. If not, we just carry on and play for the fun of it.' Well, fortunately 'Glad All Over' took off, and it was selling like 180,000 a day." After The Beatles drew record ratings on the Ed Sullivan Show, the host was looking for the next British Invasion stars and found them in The Dave Clark Five. The band appeared on the show March 8, 1964, where they performed this song. This gave the band an audience in America and propelled the song up the charts; it reached its peak position of #6 on April 25. The Dave Clark Five were a favorite of Sullivan, who had them back on the show 11 more times (plus three re-airs and one show that featured film clips of the band). Getting them on the show the first time proved a challenge, however. The show wasn't broadcast in England, so Clark had never heard of it and turned down the offer. When Sullivan's producer called back offering a substantial payment, he convinced his bandmates to make the trip.

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