Don't Stop Believin'

"Don't Stop Believin'" is a song by the American rock band Journey, originally released as a single from their seventh studio album Escape (1981).


Don't Stop Believin' (WORD)
Don't Stop Believin' (PDF)

Put your capo on the 4th fret to play in the same key as the videos in GCEA tuning!

I've simplified a couple of things such as the line "Hidin'... somewhere in the night". For the last bar of the line you'll see 1 downstroke on G and 2 quick downstrokes on F. But it's actually 1 downstroke on G, then 1 quick downstroke on a C and 1 quick downstroke on the F. Your choice.

"Don't Stop Believin'" became a number 9 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 on its original release. In the United Kingdom, the song was not a Top 40 hit on its original release; however, it did reach number 6 on a 2009 re-release, having gained increased popularity through its use on television.

Mike DeGagne of AllMusic has described "Don't Stop Believin'" as a "perfect rock song" and an "anthem", featuring "one of the best opening keyboard riffs in rock." It is one of the top-selling catalog tracks in digital history.

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