Come Dancing

"Come Dancing" is a 1982 song written by Ray Davies and performed by British rock group the Kinks on their 1983 album State of Confusion.


Come Dancing (Simplified)(WORD)
Come Dancing (Simplified)(PDF)

Come Dancing (WORD)
Come Dancing (PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG IN THE SAME KEY AS THE VIDEO! I've also done up a simplified version for our BUG Jam (and so that Mark can use his steel drums).

The song was inspired by Ray's memories of his older sister, Rene, who died of a heart attack while dancing at a dance hall. The track, sung from the perspective of an "East End barrow boy," contains lyrics about dates at a local Palais dance hall. The track's promotional video became a staple of the fledgling MTV network, which gave the single sufficient momentum to enter the Billboard Hot 100 that May, ascending to the Top 40 in June 1983 and peaking at number six on 11 July. "Come Dancing" became the highest charting US single of the band's career, tying "Tired of Waiting for You" from 1965.

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