* Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) Bass Ukulele Songbook

* Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) Bass Ukulele Songbook


BUG Bass Ukulele Songbook V.5 (2021-07-19)

Would you like the opportunity to play your bass ukulele while learning some bass riffs and TAB? Well - here's a fun jam that you may really enjoy and be able to keep up with! We'll play through some tunes really, REALLY SLOWLY, share tips and tricks as we go along, and try to answer any questions you might have. Ukulele players who want to practice slowly are welcome to join in.

You may want to check out our previous Bass Ukulele Basics Jam video as we won't be going into as much detail this time.

Before our session, I would also recommend that you review some of the theory we covered in our first Bass Ukulele Basics workshop, to familiarize yourself with some terms and concepts I may refer to during the jam.

We'll display the songbook on your screens and our host Sharon will be scrolling through for all of you. I'll also post the songbook below the weekend before the jam, if you'd like to look at it ahead of time. On your own screen, you can resize the songsheet window to take up most of the screen, or if you've got a big screen (we plug our computer into our TV) you can resize the songsheet so that you can see more people. Those settings are entirely up to you! Click here for info about changing your view in Zoom.

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