* Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) Beatles' Songbook

Hello friends! Here's the BUG Beatles' PDF Songbook.

* Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) Beatles' Songbook


BUG Beatles' Songbook as at March 7, 2023

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To move around in the songbook, click on a song title in the table of contents, and you'll be taken directly to that songsheet. At the end of the song, you click on the "Back to Songlist" hyperlink at the bottom right, and you'll zip right back to the table of contents. If you want the song in WORD format so that you can edit or transpose them for yourself, go to the individual song posts.

NOTE:  All songsheets in this songbook were formatted by Sue Rogers and are intended for private, educational, and research purposes only, and NOT for financial gain in ANY form. Do not include any of these songsheets in songbooks that are for sale or on websites that make money from advertisements. It is acknowledged that all song copyrights belong to their respective parties.

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