Bucket, The

Kings of Leon was popular in the UK long before they got much attention in their homeland of America. "The Bucket" is a track from their second album, Aha Shake Heartbreak.


The Bucket - MASTER (WORD)
The Bucket - MASTER (PDF)
The Bucket - RIFFS (WORD)
The Bucket - RIFFS (PDF)
The Bucket - CHORDS ONLY (PDF)

Play along with the video to get the timing and where the riffs fit in.

Mission Impossible?  NO - we can DO this!

The Kings of Leon and the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (my favs)! Thanks to Ukulele Hunt for the most of the riffs!

This is well worth the effort! I will enlist the talents of some of our more advanced players to do the riffs (NOTE - the riffs are on 2 pages) and the rest of us can go wild on the chords, harmonies, etc. We'll attempt to work this out at BUG jam! It will be fun (and good for us...as I always say!)

"The Bucket" was written after a UK tour where they played to throngs of fans before returning to America where they were still rather obscure. There youngest band member, Jared, was 18 at the time. "It was about me being famous for the time and about the girls I had finally experienced," Caleb Followill said in Entertainment Weekly.

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