"Breakdown" is a song written by Jack Johnson, Dan Nakamura & Paul Huston and released by Jack Johnson in 2005.


Breakdown (WORD)
Breakdown (PDF)

You can play along with the video! Thanks to Chris Taylor for bringing this song to BUG!

"Breakdown" is the eleventh track on his third album In Between Dreams released in February 2005. The song was released as a single in September 2005. The video features Jack Johnson surfing in Pichilemu, Chile. The single peaked at #73 in the United Kingdom.

The song was originally featured on the A Brokedown Melody soundtrack. Johnson confessed it was written in a train between Paris and Hossegor, a famous surf spot in France.

A remix of the song was produced by the hip-hop duo Handsome Boy Modeling School (Nakamura & Huston). It is a more upbeat version of the original song, and was featured on their 2004 album, White People.

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