"Aline" is a single by French singer Christophe. The song became one of the a big hit in France during the summer of 1965, selling one million records.


Aline (WORD)
Aline (PDF)

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"Aline" is about a man begging his woman to come back and has been described as a "slow, romantic ballad". On 25 September 1965 it reached number one in Belgium's top 10, surpassing "Capri c'est fini" which came in second place, becoming a "substantial hit" in that country according to Billboard Magazine. In October 1966 it became the number one hit in Israel. The song was composed by Christophe and arranged by Jacques Dejean. In 1980, Christophe's career was not going well when his wife Véronique came up with the idea of re-issuing the song. Christophe followed her advice and reissued the song without modifications from the original. The new release became a big hit and, just like the original, it reached a million records. It then went on to sell a total of 3.5 million records."Aline" is Christophe's favourite song. In October 2017, Volkswagen used the song as the main sound and music background in a television commercial selling cars airing in Toronto, Canada.

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