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Use the blue "Search" box below. There are many ways to search. You can type in any part of a song's title or the name of a song writer or artist. There is a glitch with apostrophes - for some reason it depends on whether you're on an Apple device or a PC. So if you're looking for a song with an apostrophe like "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" just try "wanna", or if you're looking for "I'm A Believer", just search "believer". You can search songs by decade by typing in 1980, 1990, etc. You can even search by the number of chords with 03chord, 05chord, 12chord, etc. Or if you're looking for a certain genre, try typing in Christmas, French, blues, folk, etc. This feature will continue to see improvements and additional tags will be added in time.

TO TRANSPOSE A SONG:  I've created and posted all the songsheets in WORD so that you can edit and transpose the songsheet to best suit your own group. One way to do that easily is to copy and paste the songsheet text into a program like LOGUE TRANSPOSING or an app such as ONSONG (which is what we use to project our songs at the BUG Jams).

PLEASE NOTE: All songsheets and songbooks available from this website are intended for private, educational, and research purposes only, and NOT for financial gain in any form - which also means don't put them in group songbooks that you sell, or on websites where you are accepting money from advertisers. It is acknowledged that all song copyrights belong to their respective parties. Parts of many of the song histories are paraphrased from Wikipedia.