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2023 - March BUG Jam VIDEO & SONGBOOK

Here’s the video of our BUG Kitchen Party Jam recorded live @ Red Bird on March 15. We had a full house of musical merry-makers, a step dancer, and even a mummer! To really hear the uBass, drum, bells and whistles, listen to the video through an external speaker or headphones.

BUG Jam Songbook for March 15, 2023
BUG Jam Chord Chart for March 15, 2023 (C6 - GCEA)
BUG Jam Baritone Chord Chart for March 15, 2023 (G6 - DGBE)

Crazy good fun despite leprechauns wreaking havoc with our video-recording - the camera got accidentally zoomed in a little too much (the zoom button is right next to the record button and they're both teensy) and the sound on one camera failed so we ended up having to take sound from one recording device and sync it with video from another!  

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The video above is indexed so that you can go directly to the song you'd like to hear. When you press play, you'll see a gray indexing line just above the play button that you can move your cursor over to see the indexing of the different songs and click on the one you want to hear. Or watch it on YouTube and you'll see the same gray indexing line but also, in the "description area" of the YouTube video, you'll see the whole list of songs and you can click on the name of the song to go right to it. Thanks to Sharon Baird for editing the video!

The songbook has an interactive table of contents so you just click on the song title and it takes you directly to the song. At the end of the song, if you click the "Back to songlist" link, it will bring you back to the table of contents. The chord charts can be helpful as a quick reference.

You can play along with any of our jams, any time, by visiting the BUG JAM VIDEOS page. If you're new to ukulele, and want to slow the videos down, just click on the little settings "gear wheel" in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen and you can select the speed you want.

See you next month on April 19!

Sue & Mark xoxo

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