BUG Jam Videos

2020 - March BUG Jam VIDEO & SONGBOOK

Stay in your pyjamas and slippers and join us! This is the BUG you WANT to catch!


BUG PyJAMa Jam Songbook for March 18 2020

This is our first ever try at leading a virtual, interactive online BUG Jam using Zoom technology - we had so much fun! When we uploaded the Zoom recording to YouTube, it lost some of its visual and sound quality - the Zoom recording was clearer, and the actual live meeting itself was clearer still.

You can use the PDF Songbook to play along with us. The songs in the book for this jam were put in the order that we played them, just for ease of finding them.

You can play along with any of our jams, any time, by visiting the BUG JAM VIDEOS page. If you're new to ukulele, and want to slow the videos down, just click on the little settings "gear wheel" in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen and you can select the speed you want.

And in the words of Tim Minchin "Don't panic, wash ya hands, and don't take a sniffle to your Gran's".

Love you all!
Sue and Mark

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