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2018 - October BUG Jam VIDEOS & SONGBOOK

Mark has edited and posted the videos - group songs and open mic - that we did at our 2018 Spooktacular Autumn BUG Jam! They are not in any particular order. Just click on the playlist video below to see them.


BUG's Spooktacular Autumn Jam Songbook for October 2018 V.4

These videos are our first time through on these songs - we don't workshop or rehearse them ahead of time - but boy do we have messy fun! And isn't that what jamming is all about?! We play from 7 until 8:30, take a 10 minute break, and then play more group songs and do a few open mic presentations ending at 10:00. Different folks volunteer to lead songs and we're very thankful to all of them! You'll notice from the videos that many folk leave at 8:30 to get home to bed - so sad! The "late nighters" (people in other cities that are NOT Ottawa may chuckle at that) who stay on past the break end up with a little more elbow room and get to enjoy LOTS more fun songs!

And for all you folks around the world who might not live near a jam or would like some extra jamming, I've provided the BUG PDF Songbook (above) we used for this jam, so you can play along with the us in all our messy madness wherever you are! If you're new to ukulele, and want to slow the videos down, just click on the little settings "wheel" in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen and you can slow the recording down! The BUG PDF songbooks prepared for each jam can always be found on the SONGS page

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