IMPORTANT NEWS! You will now always have a seat at BUG!

How? Beginning with our jam on March 20, 2024, all folks must have a ticket to be admitted to our BUG Jams at Red Bird. Please share this news with anyone you know who comes to BUG!

IMPORTANT NEWS! You will now always have a seat at BUG!

We love Red Bird’s top-notch venue for BUG, and we love having fun singing and playing with our large, enthusiastic crowd of ukulele friends!

But it’s been upsetting over the years to hear of people arriving at the jam and being turned away because the venue has reached capacity. So after long and careful consideration, and based on the feedback we’ve received from many of you over time, the results of the November poll on our BUG Facebook page, and the discussions we’ve had with Red Bird owner, Geoff Cass, Mark and I have decided to let Red Bird sell tickets for our BUG Jams. Mark and I get no compensation for this whatsoever - no money, no food/drinks. All proceeds go to Red Bird.

Red Bird’s venue capacity is 100, which includes everybody in the building, but there are only seats available for an audience of 86, so that means that at the jams we’ve held at Red Bird so far, some ukers admitted to the venue may not have found seats right away. Sometimes folks leave at half time and then seats become available to those standing, but it’s never guaranteed.

Selling tickets guarantees that ticket holders will not be turned away at the door, and every person will have a seat. It will also help cover Red Bird’s costs for hosting our jam, instead of relying solely on snack bar sales.

So, here’s what’s been decided:

  • Starting with the March 20 BUG Jam, all folks coming to the jam must have a ticket to be admitted into Red Bird.
  • Tickets will cost $10 and will be available on the Red Bird website two (2) weeks in advance starting at 10 a.m. No tickets will be sold at the door – advance sales only. Go to the Red Bird "SHOWS" menu, select "Upcoming Shows", and then find and select our BUG Jam announcement. Here's the link to Red Bird's site: Upcoming Shows
  • Five (5) Pay-What-You-Can tickets may be available for special circumstances. Please email, to ask about these tickets.
  • You will be guaranteed admittance and a seat if you have a ticket, but not a specific seat. The ticketing system does not differentiate between ukers or non-ukers, or folks who plan to leave at intermission, etc.
  • DOORS WILL ONLY OPEN AT 6:45 p.m. IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE THAT TIME, YOU'LL HAVE TO LINE UP OUTSIDE AS WITH ALL OTHER TICKETED RED BIRD SHOWS. Once the doors open, your tickets will be scanned as you enter. Again, there won't be any tickets available for sale at the door.

Mark and I are listening to you all, doing our best to make good decisions for our group and for our continued partnership with Red Bird, and we hope you will embrace this necessary change. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at

More than anything, we hope that you’ll continue to come sing, play ukulele, and have lots of fun with us at the BUG Jam!

Love you all!

Sue & Mark

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