BUG Really Small, REALLY SLOW Jam With Sue & Mark! March 2, 2024

Beginners! Mark and I are holding a ukulele slow jam in our home. Come join us!

BUG Really Small, REALLY SLOW Jam With Sue & Mark! March 2, 2024

Have you just started playing ukulele and know a few chords, but you're not quite up to changing from chord to chord at full speed yet? Are you thinking about coming to a BUG Jam or joining us playing out in the community this year but would like a little extra slow practice?

We'll play some tunes from our BUG Event Songbook really, REALLY SLOWLY, and Mark and I will share ukulele playing tips and techniques to help you improve.

It's absolutely FREE!

WHEN: Saturday, March 2, 2024
TIME:  2:00 pm to 3:30 (eastern time, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
WHERE:   at Sue & Mark's home


Please email Sue@bytownukulele.ca if you'd like to participate and I'll put your name on our waiting list in case someone cancels and a spot opens up. I'll send you back an email confirming your attendance and providing our address. If I get enough people on the waiting list, we may add another session in the morning.

We'll be singing songs from the BUG EVENT SONGBOOK. Why not have a look at the songbook ahead of time and choose some songs you'd like us to sing! We have BUG Event Songbook binders you can use, or if you prefer you can download the BUG Event Songbook and bring it along on your device - it's up to you.

I've created a document, Real Slow Jam Notes, that you can read and or print out before you come to the session to familiarize yourself with some terms and concepts we may refer to during the jam.

- bring your iPad or other device only IF you prefer to download the BUG Event Songbook PDF and use your device during the jam. We have lots of BUG Event Songbook binders you can use.
- your ukulele
- ukulele tuner

We're gonna have fun!

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