BUG is back at "In From The Cold" - March 9, 2024!

BUG is back at "In From The Cold" - March 9, 2024!

This has been a favourite BUG outing since 2011!


The IN FROM THE COLD program at Parkdale United Church provides people of all ages a warm and inviting place to spend an afternoon, get a hot meal, and enjoy live music. It means so much to the folks - they're so appreciative, singing and clapping along with every song! A very fun, casual event!

WHEN:  Saturday, March 9, 2024

TIME:  2:15 to 4 p.m. (please arrive on stage before 2:00, ideally 1:45)  
We must all use the Gladstone St. door - there should be a church volunteer at that door by 1:45 to open it up for you - knock and let them know you're a musician. Please arrive on stage before 2:00 p.m. in order to set up your music stand, grab a binder, and get settled in your spot. The doors open to the clients at 2:00.

WHERE:  Parkdale United Church, 429 Parkdale Avenue.

As in past years, we'll be playing on the stage in Tape Hall (basement level). We must all enter through the Gladstone door beside the Gladstone lot. Go down the stairs to the basement. Coats and instrument cases can be left in the "choir room" which is right behind the stage in Tape Hall - behind the volunteer tables. Take your valuables such as purses and wallets to the stage with you.

Here is a link to the floor plan of the church: Church Floor Plans – Parkdale United Church  The bottom of the floor plans pictured is Gladstone St.; the left side of the floor plan is Parkdale Ave.

HOW TO REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE:  We'll be taking seventeen (17) ukulele players.  I'll create a waiting list of volunteers, so email me if you'd like to participate. Please send an email with your name and phone number to Sue@bytownukulele.ca.  In your email, let me know:
- if you have a music stand; and
- if you plan on using your device (such as an iPad or notebook) for your music, or whether you'd prefer to use one of our BUG Event printed binders that we'll bring with us.


  • Gladstone Parking Lot: There is a small parking area off of Gladstone where three (3) spots will be saved for BUG members. If you have mobility issues and appreciate a spot in this parking lot, please let me know by emailing me at Sue@bytownukulele.ca.
  • Memorial Hall Parking Lot: All other BUG volunteers driving to the venue should use the Memorial Hall parking lot on the north side of the church. The entry to the parking lot is off of Parkdale Ave. You will have to walk around and enter by the Gladstone St. door.


We'll be bringing along the revised BUG Event Songbook binders for you to play from. If you'd rather use your own device to play from, you must be sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the BUG Event PDF Songbook as I may be making revisions and changes right up until the day before the event. Here's a list of songs we'll play from the BUG Event Songbook - note: it's not arranged in play order; I like to stay fluid for this event depending on the clients who show up and when the food starts being served.


It's always so much fun!

Sue & Mark

Doors are about to open for approximately 250 guests and volunteers!
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