* BUG Jam Songbook, Chord Charts, and YouTube Playlist for June 19, 2024

* BUG Jam Songbook, Chord Charts, and YouTube Playlist for June 19, 2024


BUG Jam Songbook FINAL for June 19, 2024 rev June 17
BUG Jam Chord Chart V3 for June 19, 2024 (C6 - GCEA) rev June 12
BUG Jam Baritone Chord Chart V3 for June 19, 2024 (G6 - DGBE) rev June 12


If you plan on joining us in person @Red Bird, here's a link to the event posting with all the information you need to know.

If you'd like to help Sue and Mark cover the monthly costs they pay to maintain this website and keep BUG going, please consider making a small donation. Thank you for your support.


Remember, you'll have a lot more fun at our upcoming jam @ Red Bird, if you familiarize yourself with the songs in advance! If you want to know the history of any of the songs or possible playing tips for some songs, then go to the individual song posting on the event listing.

The songs in the songbook are in alphabetical order. Click on the title in the
SONG LIST and it will take you directly to the song; when you finish the song, click on the link at the end of the song that says BACK TO SONGLIST.

You don't need to print it out - we'll be displaying the songs on a screen at the front of the room for this jam. But you may want to download the songbook onto your own device and bring it to the jam, just in case you have difficulty seeing the screen. Always make sure that you're using the most recent version of the songbook and the chord chart. Sometimes we correct errors and make improvements to the song sheets before the jam.

The chord chart can be helpful, especially for beginners, so you may want to print that out - there's one for GCEA tuning and one for baritone DBGE tuning! And you can enjoy listening to the YouTube playlist ahead of time to give you an idea of how the songs go.

See you at the BUG Jam - LIVE and in person!

Sue & Mark 🥰

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