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    Charles de Lint posted on May 05, 2012 08:32

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    The (Am) songsheet is in the same key as the videos but instrumentals at beginning and end have been left out.

    For BUG night April 2019, Charles will lead the song, using the (Em) version.

    Frederick John Elgersma (born July 9, 1957), known by the stage name Fred Eaglesmith, is a Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter. Eaglesmith, one of nine children, was raised by a farming family near Guelph in rural Southern Ontario. You can visit Fred's website to purchase his music and see where he'll be touring next! https://www.fredeaglesmith.com/

    ******REVISED/REFORMATTED April 3, 2019 - SR*****

    A video for this song:

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