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  • Peace Train

    Christopher Taylor posted on May 03, 2012 13:08

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    Peace Train

    Cat Stevens


    Peace Train
    Cat Stevens

    Now [C]I've [G]been [C]happy [G]late[C]ly,
    [F]Thinking a[C]bout the [F]good things to come
    [F]And [G]I be-[Am]lieve it [Dm]could [Am]be
    [F]  Something [G]good [F]has begun

    Oh [C]I've [G]been [C]smiling [G]late[C]ly,
    [F]Dreaming a[C]bout the [F]world as one
    [F]And [G]I be[Am]lieve it [Dm]could [Am]be
    [F]  Some[G]day it's [F]going to come

    Cause [C]out [G]on the [C]edge of [G]dark[C]ness
    [F]  There [C]rides a [F]peace train
    Oh [F]peace [G]train [Am]take this [Dm]coun[Am]try
    [F]  Come [G]take me [F]home a-gain

    Now [C]I've [G]been [C]smiling [G]late[C]ly
    [F]Thinking a-[C]bout the [F]good things to come
    [F]And [G]I be[Am]lieve it [Dm]could [Am]be
    [F]  Something [G]good [F]has begun

    Oh [C]peace [G]train [C]sounding [G]loud[C]er
    [F]  Glide [C]on the [F]peace train
    [F]Oo [G]aa [Am]ee aa [Dm]oo [Am]aa
    [F]  Come [G]on the [F]peace train

    [C]Peace [G]train [C]holy [G]rol[C]ler
    [F]Everone [C]jump on the [F]peace train
    [F]Oo [G]aa [Am]ee aa [Dm]oo [Am]aa
    [F]  Come [G]on the peace [F]train

    [C]Get [G]your [C]bags [G]to[C]gether,
    [F]  Go [C]bring your [F]good friends too
    [F]Cause [G]it's [Am]getting [Dm]near[Am]er
    [F]  It [G]soon will [F]be with you

    Oh [C]come [G]and [C]join the [G]liv[C]ing
    [F]  Its [C]not so [F]far from you
    [F]And [G]it's [Am]getting [Dm]near[Am]er
    [F]  Soon [G]it will [F]all be true

    Now [C]I've [G]been [C]crying [G]late[C]ly
    [F]Thinking a-[C]bout the [F]world as it is
    [F]  Why [G]must we [Am]go on [Dm]hat[Am]ing
    [F]  Why [G]can't we [F]live in bliss

    Oh [C]peace [G]train [C]sounding [G]lou[C]der
    [F]Glide [C]on the [F]peace train
    [F]Oo [G]aa [Am]ee aa [Dm]oo [Am]aa
    [F]  Come [G]on the peace [C]train

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Claude Lacelle
# Claude Lacelle
Friday, May 4, 2012 1:53 PM
Great song, but the PDF version is write protected (Password required) and the DOCX is almost impossible to edit because the [chords] are not in line with the text.

Could you please edit the docx version so that the [chords] are inline with the text, otherwise it makes it very difficult to display on BUG Jam night.



Christopher Taylor
# Christopher Taylor
Friday, May 4, 2012 3:22 PM
Ok, sorry about that. Should be fixed now.