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    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on March 25, 2012 20:15

    Adding song books to the “Song books” page.

    The song books page is a simple file viewer application.  If a file exists in a folder, a download link is automatically generated and if the file you upload has a readable name, it will be relatively easy to see.  This page is not associated with the Bug Media page in any way.

    You must be a site administrator to load songbooks onto the songbooks page.

    A site administrator is a user with advanced permission, right now that means Sue Rogers.  Once a site administrator is logged in you will see a link appear for “Add Files”. 

    Click on Add FIles

    This will bring you to the “Select Files” button.  The Add Files button uses Adobe Flash Technology.  If you do not have a fairly recent version of Adobe Flash, you will not see the button.

    Select Files button requires Flash

    Press the Select Files button and the rest is easy.  The only reason this process may fail is if your Browser does not have a good version of Flash, or the file you are uploading is exceedingly large.  You can select more than one file at a time when uploading, you just need to hold down the SHIFT key.

    Setting default categories for BUG members.

    To make the process of adding songs less confusing, I set up default categories in the Admin Options. The advantage is that BUG members do not have to worry about choosing what categories their songs are to appear under.  The disadvantage is that BUG members who post Events will need help getting the events to show where you want them to.  After each BUG jam, you will create a new category for the next BUG Jam and then in Admin Options, choose that category as a default.

    First step is to create a new category: 

    In Admin Options choose Create, Edit and delete Categories

    Choose “BUG Jams” as the parent category and then Press “Add New Category” link at the bottom of the page and add your new category.

    Choose Parent Category and then Add New Category link

    Second step is to go into “Main Options” and set your default categories

    Click on Main Options


    The Main Settings page is huge but well organized.  Expand the “Category Settings” node and choose your new category and also choose the “Individual Songs” category.  You select both categories by holding down your CONTROL key.

    Choose both categories.   Your new category and Individual Songs

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “Update” link


    How to set your default announcement on the “Next BUG Jam” page.

    Create a new article in BUG Media and put it in the category of “Monthly Announcements” and make it “Featured” and the newest article you create will be shown on the “Next BUG Jam” page.  You do not have to make any setting changes on the “Next BUG Jam” page, the article you create will just appear on this page when you create it on the BUG Media page.

    Make this a Featured Article in Monthly Announcements


    How to change the song list that appears on the “Next BUG Jam” page.

    On “The Song List” module, click on the “Manage” button and then the “Settings” button.

    Module Settings

    Then Click on the “Latest Articles Settings”, expand the “Filter Settings” node and choose your Category.  Select the category that you created for the next BUG Jam and press Update at the bottom of the page.

    Choose your Category and press the Update button

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