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  • Citadel Hill

    Sue Rogers posted on February 27, 2012 16:32

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    Citadel Hill (Collected by Fowke and Johnston)
    See also: Back Bay Hill (Ed McCurdy)
    Collected by Edith Fulton Fowke (Literary Editor) and Richard Johnston (Music Editor) and published in Folk Songs Of Canada (Waterloo Music Company, Waterloo, Ontario, 1954)
    Notes: A variant was collected in 1932 from Frank Faulkner as Back Bay Hill by Helen Creighton [1899-1989] in Songs And Ballads From Nova Scotia, p.101 (Dent, 1932; Dover, 1966). Helen Creighton noted that Frank Faulkner learned this song while sealing in 1902, and also that the name Back Bay may be changed to any hill in the place where the song is sung.
    A variant was thusly published as Sig-i-nal Hill  by Omar Blondahl Newfoundlanders, Sing!: A Collection Of Favorite Newfoundland Folk Songs and recorded by Blondahl (Songs Of Newfoundland).

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    A video for this song:

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Sue Rogers
# Sue Rogers
Monday, February 27, 2012 4:46 PM
I've posted the words to the song as I was taught it in school in 1967. The melody is similar to what's in the video "Back Bay Hill" - which is the only Youtube recording I could find of this song.

It was a song that I sang to my boys before bed and around the campfire! Good memories!