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  • BUG Christmas Holiday Songbook and Chord Chart

    Sue Rogers posted on November 08, 2019 15:51

    Here's a collection of fun Christmas/holiday/seasonal songs we use for our Christmas jam and outings! Be sure to check back as there will undoubtedly be additional songs (and maybe some corrections!) wink

    The songbook is interactive which means that when you click on the song title in the Song List on the first page, it will take you directly to the song. When you've finished playing the song, just click on BACK TO SONGLIST at the bottom right of the songsheet and it will take you directly back to the Song List. You can download the PDF songbook onto your own personal iPad or tablet and bring it to the jam, if you like.

    NOTE:  All songsheets in this songbook were formatted by Sue Rogers and are intended for private, educational, and research purposes only, and NOT for financial gain in ANY form. Do not include any of these songsheets in songbooks that are for sale or on websites that make money from advertisements. It is acknowledged that all song copyrights belong to their respective parties.

    ****REVISED December 14, 2019 - SR****

    A video for this song:

    BUG JAM DECEMBER 28, 2019
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