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  • I Just Want To Dance With You

    Sue Rogers posted on February 01, 2019 09:33

    If you use the (C)(STRAIT) songsheet, you can play in the same key as both videos in GCEA tuning.  WE'LL BE USING THE (G)(PRINE) SONGSHEET AT THE FEBRUARY 2019 BUG JAM! IF YOU'RE PLAYING USINGTHE (G) SONGSHEET, PUT YOUR CAPO ON THE 5TH FRET TO PLAY IN THE SAME KEY!

    Thanks to our friend Douglas Telford from Grantham, UK!

    "I Just Want To Dance With You" was written by John Prine and Roger Cook and was first released by John Prine  in 1986 on his German Afternoons album. It was covered by The Wigs, Tamra Rosanes with John Prine, Hubbas, George Strait and other artists.

    A video for this song:


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