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  • Zombie

    Sue Rogers posted on September 09, 2017 20:11

    Download the Lyrics and Chords


    The [Em] songsheet is in the same key as the original recording (abridged for BUG) - but on BUG Jam night we'll likely do it in [Dm]

    "Zombie" is a protest song by Irish rock band The Cranberries. It was released in September 1994 as the lead single from their second studio albumNo Need to Argue (1994). The song was written by the band's lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, and reached No. 1 on the charts in Australia, Belgium, France, Denmark and Germany.

    It won the "Best Song" award at the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards.

    In 2017, the song was released as an acoustic, stripped down version on the band's Something Else album.

    ****Dm songsheet REFORMATTED August 25, 2019 - SR****

    A video for this song:

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