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  • Photograph

    Sharon Baird posted on April 29, 2017 09:18

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO IN GCEA TUNING if you put your capo on the 4th fret!

    Ed Sheeran wrote "Photograph" in May 2012 with Johnny McDaid, instrumentalist and background vocalist of the British band Snow Patrol. Sheeran toured with the band, for whom he provided opening performances in select North American dates. McDaid had a three-note piano loop that became the basis of "Photograph". The song's development began when Sheeran, while in a hotel room in Kansas City, was humming "loving can hurt, loving can hurt" to the loop that was playing on McDaid's laptop. Sheeran recalled: "I started humming, and then [McDaid] put a beat behind it."

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    A video for this song:

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