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  • Connemara Cradle Song

    Sue Rogers posted on February 18, 2017 14:19

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    It's a nice slow song to be able to practice these wonderful SUS4 chords!

    An 88-year-old gentleman from southern Ontario wrote and asked me to put this song together for him back in 2014 so that he could sing it with his wife. He had trouble with vision so I made a special version back then for him. Here's to you Wilf!

    The Connemara Cradle Song is a beautiful old Irish folksong whose original writer is not clear. It is a song of the sea and is sung as a lullaby. To understand the song lyrics, you'll want to know that a "currach" (or "curach") is a kind of old-fashioned canoe-like boat. Connemara, where the song presumably came from, is a region in County Galway, in Western Ireland.

    ****REFORMATTED MARCH 9, 2019 - SR****

    A video for this song:

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