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  • Maneater - Hall & Oates (1982)

    Mark Rogers posted on December 31, 2015 12:25

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    The video is in the same key but I've changed the opening and taken out the long instrumental as well as some extra choruses to make it easier for BUG! The only really challenging chord is the [F#]. Some other sites have used [F#m] instead to make it a simpler chord, but it just doesn't sound as good to me. If you play the preceding [G] using the 2nd inversion (i.e. the same chord shape as the [F#] but starting barring the 2nd fret, it will make it easier and it's good practice!

    "Maneater" is a song by the American duo Hall & Oates, featured on their eleventh studio album, H2O (1982). It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on December 18, 1982. It remained in the top spot for four weeks, more than any of the duo's five other number-one hits, including "Kiss on My List", which remained in the top spot for three weeks. (Wikipedia)

    ****REFORMATTED AUGUST 28, 2019 - SR****

    A video for this song:

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