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  • Hielan' Laddie

    Mike Cox posted on November 02, 2014 20:08

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    This is a song that popped up while my phone was on random play.  Chris Hill and I sang it a couple times and it is a simple and fun song. Lots of different versions of the lyrics to be had so we settled on our (Dm) version. You can play along with our video in GCEA tuning, using the (Dm) songsheet!

    "Highland Laddie", also known as "Hielan' Laddie", is the name of a Scottish popular folk tune "If thou'lt play me fair play", but as with many old melodies various sets of words can be sung to it, of which Robert Burns's poem "Highland Laddie" is probably the best known.

    Highland Regiments raised in the 18th and early 19th centuries employed many unique symbols to differentiate themselves from other regiments and enlisted distinctive music to announce their arrival, but as a result of the Cardwell Reforms of 1881, all British Army Highland Regiments were required to use "Highland Laddie" as their regimental march. Over time, many of these regiments had managed to return to their pre-Cardwell marches when, in March 2006, the establishment of the Royal Regiment of Scotland saw the disappearance of all Scotland's historic infantry regiments and their distinctions, including music, and the adoption of a new regimental march, "Scotland the Brave". "If thou'lt play me fair play" has been reworked several times since Burns set down his words, Donkey Riding being one variant. "Highland Laddie", appears as the most frequently used regimental march in the Canadian Forces. (Wikipedia)

    *****REFORMATTED MARCH 11, 2019 - SR****

    A video for this song:

    Chris & Mike (Dm) version

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