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    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on April 28, 2011 22:11

    IF YOU ARE NOT AN ADMINISTRATOR, please send an email to ukulelema@icloud.ca with your song in an editable text file. Thanks!


    Step 1: Log into the site by clicking on the login link near the top of every page.

    Step 2: Click on the All Posts page in the header across the very top of website page and press on the link “Create article or add a song.” There is a link to Post a Song at the top of the song list on the Next BUG jam page. 

    Go to Bug Media page and press add song

    Step 3: Put in the song title.


    Lyrics are optional here and unnecessary since we now have a lightbox that will show the songsheet in chordpro without having to open the Word document. Also, it is very frustrating to paste formatted lyrics from Word or PDF into an HTML editor such as this. If you don't want to put in the lyrics here, just put your cursor in the text and press the space bar a few times otherwise your song posting won't work. You'll be uploading them as a Word or PDF file in the next step anyway. Tip: use the Paste as Plain Text or Paste From Word buttons as seen in the picture above. 

    Step 4: Upload your Chords/Lyrics document(s) .

    Press the select button Browse and select your files

    If you scroll down a little, you will see a node (small + plus sign) beside the word Files see the highlighted area on the image above.  Press on the node to expand the file uploader.  Press the “Select Files” button and you will then be browsing your hard drive.  Browse to where the files are on your computer and select them.  You can do more than one file at this step if you have the song in more than one key.  Once you press the open button the files are loaded onto the site, attached to this song and also placed in the “All Songs” page.

    Step 5: Get your youtube embed code

    Go find a version of the song you like on YouTube or Vimeo.  When you are on the YouTube page, Click on the “Share” button and then on the “Embed” button.  You will be presented with the embed code for the video.

    Tip: if you are on a site where the video is embedded and you don’t see the Share Button, click on the YouTube logo that is embedded on the bottom right of the video and you will be take to YouTube where you will find the SHARE button.

    Find the embed code

    Find the embed code, copy it and paste it in the “Song Video” section as show in the image (highlighted)

    Step 6: Set the categories

    Set your categoried choose the Song category and one more

    When adding a song, add it to the “Song” Category and also to the category that matches the the next Ukulele event we are having.  Use your Ctrl key to select more than one category.

    Step 7:  Publish your song


    Scroll to the bottom of the site and press the Publish link.

    That is all there is to it!  Fun and fast, thanks for participating.

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