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  • Bald Headed Lena

    Charles de Lint posted on April 08, 2013 18:45

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    Thanks Charles! NOTE: We'll print out the [Bb] version for BUG night. But I've also posted the [F] version so you can play along with the video Charles posted.

    Bald Headed Lena

    E. Sneed & W. Orryman

    {c: refrain:}
    [Bb]Bad headed Lena has anybody seen her
    cute as she can [F]be
    she’s got a [Bb]cueball head that’s [D#]hard as lead
    but [F]she’s alright with [Bb]me

    {c: second refrain:}
    Bad headed Lena has anybody seen her
    cute as she can be
    she can’t wear no wig because her head’s too big
    but she’s alright with me

    Tricky Tessie, Nessie Bessie
    both gals are full of snuff
    Mella Ella, Crazy Stella
    both them gals are tough

    Now you take Daisy, she’s so crazy
    don’t know night from day
    Silly Tillie, Lying Lily
    take ‘em all away
    {c: refrain}

    {c: break}

    Sloppy Gertie she’s so dirty
    Skinny Minnie she’s too lean
    Tracy’s face is out of place
    and Joannie’s downright mean

    now you take Lizzie, she’s so dizzy
    she went and lost her mind
    Ella-Mae might save the day
    but she’s deaf, dumb and blind
    {c: refrain}

    hold it, hold it, hold it

    {c: second refrain:}

    [F]she’s all right with [Bb]me
    [F]she’s all right with [Bb]me (hey Lena)
    [F]she’s all right with [Bb]me  [F]  [Bb]

    A video for this song:

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