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  • Hotel Yorba

    Chris Hill posted on April 06, 2013 21:00

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    YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO! Fun to sing with a strangulated Jack White yowl!

    "Hotel Yorba" is the lead single from White Blood Cells, by Detroit, Michigan garage rock band The White Stripes, and their first single to be released commercially. It was released in November 2001.

    Built in 1926, the Hotel Yorba is a former hotel in southwest Detroit that can be seen along I-75 near the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. The single version of the song was recorded in room 206 of the building which is now used as government subsidized housing. Jack says that, as a child, he heard a rumor that the Beatles had stayed there—a rumor that, although false, he loved.

    The White Stripes shot much of the song's music video outside the hotel, but were denied permission to film inside; it's rumored the duo is banned for life from the hotel.

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    A video for this song:

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